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I'm really excited to welcome our third contributor, not just because she is my sister, but because she is awesome.  You can also follow her here & here.

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I just relocated myself to my post grad life in Los Angeles and so far, it has been an adventure.  For me right now, adventure is my Raison d'être/my bread and butter/eating me alive.  But hey, that's the spice of life, right? Okay, I'm done with the cheesy food related cliches. Cross my heart. Hot crossed buns. Okay now I'm done.  

I have a belief that adventure belongs in the kitchen and luckily for me, so do the good people of the restaurants of Los Angeles. In my attempt to get to know my new city, I intend to do what I always do: eat my way through it.  And I'm taking you with me. When I moved to LA I knew it was going to be full  to bursting with amazing 1. Tacos  2. Sushi  3. Burgers (and other greasy/delicious diner foods). Now I know I love all of those foods, but I also know that there are new favorites to be discovered in this city… so here we go! 

First Stop: Take A Bao

images by whitney lowdermilk | layout by ashley wilcox

images by whitney lowdermilk | layout by ashley wilcox