hospitality 03 / tinsel & cocktails party

Tis' the season for giving. From the ginger&birch team to you; a three part series of well planned Christmas Parties to host. We want to help teach you how to throw the perfect soirée; including what to wear, eat, drink, listen to and how to decorate. May these inspirations bring warmth to your hearts & homes. Check back for the next two Thursdays to learn about holiday brunching and how to create a romantic holiday dinner for you and yours.

Now, go have a lot to do. Get in the spirit by listening to the perfect playlist we've put together for you! Listen here

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ART DIRECTION: Ashley Wilcox  /  FOOD: Randee Stroud  /  CLOTHING STYLIST: Brittany Willis  /  PROP STYLIST: Nichole Redinger  /  MUSIC: Whitney Lowdermilk  /  PHOTOGRAPHY: Lily Glass Photography

HORS D'OEUVRES-bacon wrapped  water chestnuts: Recipe by Kitchenspark

COCKTAIL: Ginger&Birch /  Aviation-- 2oz Gin, 1/4oz Creme de Violette, 2tsp Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, Juice form 1/2 Lemon  /  Shake well and garnish with a lemon peel

CLOTHING (Brittany):  Hair Pom Pom,  /  Sweater, Anthropologie  /  Jewelry, Anthropologie  /  Skirt, Anthropologie   /  Shoes, Madewell  

TABLESCAPE (Nichole):  White Plate, Anthropologie  /  Napkins, similar Belongings  /  Silver Tinsel, Target  /  Vintage Ornaments, similar Etsy  / Cocktail Glasses similar BHLDN / Copper Canister,  similar Amazon  /  Tinsel Picks by Ashley Wilcox, similar BHLDN

MUSIC (Whitney): Subscribe here