Creative Collaborations

This past week I had the pleasure of getting to spend the day with Lily Glass of Lily Glass Photography. I cooked and she shot all afternoon and then we feasted in the backyard. A perfect ending to a great day. {I find myself stalking her facebook page and website...too many cute couples and families!}

This photo blew me away, it was from Stuffed and Wrapped Figs... I can't wait to see how the rest of the images turned out. 



Stuffed and Wrapped Figs

{what to use}

• nice & ripe black mission figs

• a good quality soft goat cheese (or other soft cheese that you prefer)

• prosciutto

• peach preserve (I like Bonne Maman)


{what to do}

• Cut the tip off of each fig and slice almost all the way through lengthwise

• Push the guts of the fig to the sides to make room for a smear of goat cheese

• Once the goat cheese has been added close the fig back up (It won't close completely), now wrap 1/2-1 piece of prosciutto around the fig

• Throw the figs on the grill until the prosciutto gets a little crispy, just a couple mins

• Serve with dollop of preserve!