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Lately I have been trying to be more active, because you know, it's the beginning of January and apparently The Law. I have hopes of magically becoming a person who enjoys exercise/is fit, but in my case this means signing up for things like Zumba and Yoga (and on a few occasions, gasp, actually running... which is essentially a miracle). It's been going alright so far, but then I realized there is a part of this whole new-year-fresh-start-thing that involves the one thing I am always ready to try: food. In case you don't subscribe to any magazines or read anything on the internet besides this blog, you may have missed that it is cleanse season. Time to get rid of all of those (delicious) toxins from the holidays!

California is all about the freshly pressed juices that are supposed to do miracles for things like your immune system, organ function and blood heath as well as give you better sleep, more energy, and improved heath of your skin and hair. Sounds good to me. So after the thaw from the cold spell LA just went through (and overreacted about) it was time for a normal Southern California beach Saturday with a stop for a liquid snack from Pressed Juicery on the way! 

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*Reading up on the Juicery made me add juicer to my list of dream kitchen appliances, but what sets this place apart is that they press their juices with a hydraulic press that adds pressure to the fruit and veggies as opposed to normal juicers which crush the fruit and use centrifugal force to harvest the juice. Long story short: theirs will work better than a counter top version and wont leave a drop to spare.