Rwanda: photos from our trip

Here are a few representative images from our first week in Rwanda. We are struck by the beautiful colors, fertile land and kindness of the people.  

13_10 Rwanda.jpg

We enjoyed our first visit to a church in the Great Lakes region of Africa. They sing with incredible faith. This was our first morning in Kibogora, we literally followed our ears to the church; the children's church singing guided us there. 

13_10 Rwanda2.jpg

The compound we are staying on grows all of its own vegetables - it also raises pigs and chickens. Pictured left is a new friend - he is teaching us some Kinyarwandan along the way. "Amakuru?" (how are you?) : "Ni meza" (I am fine). 

bottom right image by shawna froese 

bottom right image by shawna froese 

The Kibogora Hospital is an incredibly busy hospital in West Rwanda. It overlooks Lake Kivu. There is one surgeon, Dr. Tim Berg, from Texas who is serving in a compassionate and meaningful way. Our team came to support this hospital in their mission. 

13_10 Rwanda4.jpg

Lake Kivu is just out of our door. We wake to stunning views overlooking the lake and Congo. Rwanda is one of the most densely populated nations in the world. The land is fertile, each square meter is put to use. Most people grow their own food and sell the small excess.

13_10 Rwanda5.jpg

The children are fascinating. They yell "Muzungu!" when they see our skin from afar. Muzungu strictly translated means "stranger or foreigner; someone who wanders" - more literally translated by children to mean "a person with white skin." You have to tease a smile out of the children, they are lovely. Top left is a homemade soccer ball - made of banana leaves and string.