dessert nachos

Yes, you read that right. I was having a hard day and met up with some of my best gal pals for a walk. They helped me reset, let me cry a bit and then helped me come up with a genius idea. DESSERT NACHOS! The idea was born out of my secret love of dipping corn chips in caramel (don't judge what you do not understand). So we decided to all bring a topping to share that would "maybe" taste good as a heaping pile of sweet and salty! (note, you can adjust the ingredients based on dietary restrictions)

If you haven't heard, Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream put out a new product this spring. It's called "gravel" and it is essentially the best crumbles to put on top of your sundae. Our friends all are #1 fans so they brought gravel as well as Jeni's super special Salty Caramel & Honey Butterscoth sauces. 

It ended up being amazing...and super fun! I dare you to try it.  

**next week back to bar basics

72 Recipe_Dessert Nachos.jpg
72 Recipe_Dessert Nachos2.jpg
 recipe by my friends | image by  lily glass photography  

recipe by my friends | image by lily glass photography