out on the town 05 / the hart and the hunter

Winter is long, and cold to the bitter end. It can be dreary, dark, and depressing--but only if you let it. (I'm hoping you have all forgotten where I write this post from, but remember that I too have lived though cold Midwestern and Northeastern winters until this point. I promise I understand).  Remind yourself that spring WILL COME, and fight the middle-of-February-blues with all you have. My strategy: 

STEP ONE: Embrace Coziness. Gather your friends, loved ones, someone you haven't seen in a while and drink some warm liquid. Pair coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever you can put in a mug to warm your hands and pair it with something delicious. Although winter can feel like a lull, it can also  give you a chance to catch your breath and catch up with one, two, or ten of your closest friends... the ones you always mean to see,
but never can find the time. 

STEP TWO: Borrow Vacation. Even if you can't get away during this time of year, you can borrow a little vacation spirit. Act like a tourist in your own town., or take a day trip to visit a place or friend a little further away. Find a new cafe to check out and enjoy the feeling of a new place! Remind yourself that you are lucky to have such wonderful people in your life, and that Punxsutawney Phil didn't (or did? I can never remember which means what) see his shadow, so Spring is just around the corner. 

See, now we're turning lemons into hot toddies. 

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images and content by whitney lowdermilk

images and content by whitney lowdermilk