hart & honey collective

It's official friends. We have a studio, it's been painted, and cleaned and loved by so many of our dear friends. We couldn't be more grateful for the support and encouragement we've experienced this past year and especially these past few months. 

My dear friend Lily has become quite the creative partner. You know her well from all of the fine photography you see on the blog. We find ourselves getting excited about the same things and wanting to make art...good art. She challenges me to be better and think outside of the box (as a designer and as a lover of food), yet is gracious and loving. If only everyone could have a friend named Lily Glass...world peace would exist for sure!

We will be operating our separate businesses out of the space as well as a collaborative effort called...drum roll...Hart & Honey Collective. 

Thanks for all of the support and patience!

image by lily glass  |  layout and logo by ashley wilcox

image by lily glass  |  layout and logo by ashley wilcox