gluten free carrot muffins

The Hart & Honey space to come! There was a popcorn bar, a  champagne bar...and so much CONFETTI! It was wonderful to see so many people   come out and support our creative dreams... we couldn't be more grateful for how many sacrificed evenings to make it all happen.

And now, we recover. The adrenaline has left and we are finding ourselves craving just a little more sleep. Both Lily and I have lovely husbands who thought sleeping in was the best gift we could get this weekend! Which leads us to this recipe! 

Gluten free/dairy free carrot packed muffins. My husband requests these on busy weeks when we need to be able to eat on the go while still getting our veggies and protein! It's no secret that I love the Roost blog...these muffins are nothing more than her Harvest Cake converted to a morning treat! 

49 Recipe_Guten Free Carrot Muffins.jpg
49 Recipe_Guten Free Carrot Muffins2.jpg
 recipe slightly adapted from  Roost   |  images by  lily glass

recipe slightly adapted from Roost  |  images by lily glass