imbibe 17 / fresh grapefruit paloma

In the busyness of life I failed to realize the Ginger & Birch / Lily Glass collaboration anniversary came and went! Our first shoot together was last year, just for fun, to see what would happen. Since then the blog was launched, a couple of our collaborations have been featured on other blogs, traveled to L.A. together with our husbands, and we now share a studio space called Hart & Honey! Not only have we shared our creative lives but we've shared our personal lives. The friendship that has come out of is more valuable than any of the art we can produce.

So here's to real friendships, the one's that make you a better person, encourage you, and celebrate with you! Cheers!

*A paloma is traditionally made with grapefruit soda, this recipe just eliminates corn syrup, hooray! Also it is meant to be light and a little salty, it's the margarita's skinny sassy cousin.

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recipe by gingerandbirch | images by lily glass

recipe by gingerandbirch | images by lily glass