how to properly roast a beet

I went to a slumber party Sunday night... you heard me. Dream Phone, a homemade Saved By The Bell game, swedish fish, sour patch kids, two types of cupcakes, and wine. Three days later and I'm still working through a sugar hangover. My body is revolting... we don't keep sugar in the house and we try to make sure our summer Jeni's Ice Cream is our only intake of this crazy ingredient (totally worth it). I need a detox!

Beets offer anti-inflammatory and detox support and a little sweetness to smoothies! If I don't have time to pull the juicer out I roast a pan of beets at the beginning of the week and throw them on salads as I go through my daily routine. They are low effort and will last in the fridge all week!

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 gingerandbirch | images by  lily glass

gingerandbirch | images by lily glass