fussy fiesta!

Ginger and Birch's summer-long revelry in Tulum, Mexico has rubbed of on the rest of us! The Paloma is my new favorite drink! I'm hard at work on a plan to incorporate all of this Mexican flavor into every single meal. 

This plan led me to a brilliant idea I like to call Fussy Fiesta. Why not dress things up a bit and combine two very different styles? So, this month, I've mixed together the delicate colors and patterns of an English Tea Party with the bold flavors of a Fiesta. Why not have that margarita in fine china? Salt comes in such lovely shades of pink these days. Kick things up a notch by really mixing up your florals and china patterns. I've made a garland of some great ceramic skeleton keys I found at BHLDN, but I think that lace doilies strung up would be great here, too. 

This would be a great theme for any girls-only festivities, like baby and bridal showers or birthday parties.


image and content by nichole redinger

image and content by nichole redinger