bar basics 101/5 // bitters

For anyone who checks in regularly, you may have noticed that the past month has been quiet on the blog. I have so much I want to share but just haven't had the time. I've given myself a break to focus on a few other projects and find new inspiration. 

When it comes to work I love being a lone-ranger, not really the "group project" type, unless I have a really good partner. Lily has been one of those special people. We work shockingly well together, get excited about the same things and have talents that compliment each other well. We had been working on some pieces that are starting to get published, the first being a Cake & Whiskey Magazine entry that just came out. A few other surprises should be getting published this spring and I can't wait! I love the blog world but my heart is still committed to the tangible. Print is not dead folks and it makes me giddy!

Now back to business! The last installment of Bar Basics 101, stay tuned for the next round where classic cocktails will be introduced! Enjoy!

Bar Basics 101 Bitters.jpg
Ginger & BirchBar Basics 101 Bitters2.jpg