Today the sun is shining and I can actually see the ocean, for an Ohian mid-January, this is HUGE! My husband is off at an interview and I am having a bit on time to think and process so much that I've crammed into my head over the past month. 

The biggest thing that is tugging on my heart is learning how to stay true to who you are as a designer, business owner, creative, freelancer when the trends come and go with such powerful waves (couldn't help it... I told you I CAN SEE THE PACIFIC OCEAN)

It began to notice some tension while on Pinterest. I love pattern, texture, & really beautiful color combos but the trend is for minimalism, in design, in the home etc. (disclaimer... I love the minimalism paired with the intense patterns). Pretending that I don't want to always use a tapestry bag from a far off land or wild wallpaper that makes people stop when they walk in my house would be ridiculous. It's what makes my heart flutter (that and my strikingly handsome husband). 

So with that I want to announce that I will be introducing more design posts this year. I love styling food, but I love it for the same reasons, the color that nature provides and the amazing vintage serving pieces that I've acquired. Ginger & Birch will now be recipes, styling and notes on design and I couldn't feel more excited to get back to blogging consistently. 

I hope this is a welcome change, if not I understand. I use to think that being a jack of all trades master of none was a bad thing, but the reality is that all of those pieces of my brain influence the other. Happy New Year and Happy Beginnings to all of you! - XOXO Ginger & Birch

styled by Ashley Wilcox / photo by Lily Glass
styled by Ashley Wilcox / photo by Lily Glass