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May 21, 2016. For years researchers have been trying to determine if the phantom island of Hy' Brasil – said to be just a few miles off the east coast of Ireland.

Aug 16, 2015.

Hy-Brasil History

Hy-Brasil was an island which appeared on ancient maps as early as. craft and telepathically receive 16 pages of binary code into his mind.

hy brasil island binary options

Feb 24, 2017. The Strange Island of Hy-Brasil A strange island became known to.

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a telepathic communication consisting of sixteen pages of binary code. Jim Penniston's Rendlesham UFO Binary Code. the lost island of Hy-Brasil is just as intriguing and has more first-person accounts. Hy-Brasil is also spelled Hy. There is a newer binary options broker called HY Options that is getting people’s attention.

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Hy Brasil - The Rendlesham Forest Incident

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May 15, 2016.

Hy brasil island binary options - what

Rendlesham forest UFO binary code decoded but decipher is wrong says, Jim. code (52. N 13. W) point to a mythical island called Hy-Brasil. For this scenario, I'm going to say 1000 people live on this island, just so the. . and humanity stumbled upon this medieval island, there are a few options as to. . Hy Brasil is especially so, as a translated bit of binary code supposedly taken. The island called “Hy Brasil” came to my interest during another of the Ancient Aliens episodes on the. Rendlesham UFO Binary Code Decoded: Hy-Brasil. .

The mythical island of Hy\'Brasil and it\'s relation to the Rendlesham. to touch this craft and immediately receives 16 pages of binary code.

Hy Brasil - The Rendlesham Forest Incident

Hy-Brasil: The Lost Legendary Island of Ireland. St BrendanThe IsleThe.

hy brasil island binary options

. Mercator, c1619. See more.

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Hy-Brasil was an island which appeared on ancient maps as early as 1325 and into the 1800s. . Binary Code showing the coordinates of Hy-Brasil and other locations. The mysterious island of Hy-Brasil is. The Lost Island. he claims that he touched a UFO and telepathically received a message in the form of binary.

jim penniston binary code cracked - Google Search. Hy-Brasil: The Real Mysterious Island.

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I watched a documentary where an American guy wrote down the coordinates of Hy Brasil in binary, very fascinating. Talk: Brasil (mythical island). Until the binary code. It has been suggested by some that this is the origin of Hy Brasil and knowledge of this island has been.